Nieuwoudt Architects is a Southern African based architectural design firm with representation in Johannesburg and Swakopmund and is known for contemporary buildings of an international standard. This modern edge combined with classic sophistication has become our calling card. We create spaces that are tailor made to enhance the clients needs, lifestyle and expectations. We strive to enhance the essence and context of any concept, to develop and fully realize our clients’ vision for each project. Nieuwoudt Architects offer a dual focus approach to the design and interiors that results in a seamless whole, utilizing every positive feature of the site, creating comfort aligned with luxury within as many areas as possible.

We focus mainly on residential and commercial projects, but we have also undertaken substantial hospitality and corporate projects in recent years. We also have experience in public and retail spaces. This diversity in scope is a conscious decision not to set design boundaries or be typecast by any one style or project. In terms of design, we lean towards more contemporary design of both indoor and outdoor areas that provide superior flow across multiple levels. This ensures the clients lifestyle requirements and aesthetic specifications are fully realized. We offer a holistic architectural service where the interiors, architecture and landscaping merge seamlessly while function and sustainability form the basis of any design.

Nieuwoudt Architects is a corporate member of the South African institute of Architects with experience in both national and international projects on the African Continent. Our strategically positioned network of associates and professional colleagues enable us to take on projects ranging in scale and scope.

About the team

Each member of our core design team is a designer in their own right, bringing skills and expertise from a number of different fields to each project.

Meet the team

Our team consists of exceptionally well trained staff including architectural and project management professionals offering a dual focus approach to the design and interiors.

Core Design Team


Kobus Nieuwoudt

Elsie Nieuwoudt

Elsie Nieuwoudt


Linda Motha

Design Philosophy

Form, function, Space & sustainability.

We are committed to asthetically appealing design that allows total functionality and maintains a spatial balance - achieving this requires creative thinking, innovation, attention to detail and a constant strive toward sustainability and environmental responsibility.

Design integrity is of paramount importance.

We prioritize the exterior environmental surroundings to incorporate the ideal vantage point of any location, optimizing flow and views from as many points in any given structure and space. When it comes to architectural design, we do not promote specific archetypes, but rather focus on the creation of fully customized, signature work.

Create spaces people will love to live in.

We design spaces that illicit an emotional response and connection from the end user, something our clients have come to expect. Our architecture philosophy is strongly informed by the constructive simplicity of modernism and an appreciation of spatial balance – where spaces feel exactly as they were intended to.


Professional Affiliations & Memberships

Nieuwoudt Architects is proudly associated with the following organisations in the South African Architectural industry.

South African Council for the Architectural Profession (SACAP)

Institute of South African & Gauteng Architects (SAIA) & (GIFA)

South African Institute of Architectural Technologists (SAIAT – Corporate Member)

South African Institute of Architects (SAIA – Corporate member)

Retail Architects International Gauteng (RAI)